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Many Cosmetics May Contain Hidden Sources of Gluten


With the growing awareness of gluten intolerance, people are persistently demanding gluten free products. Do the women suffering from gluten intolerance know that they also need to be searching for cosmetics that are gluten free? Yes, this is a fact, many of us are unaware that cosmetics, face wash, lotions, toothpaste all contain gluten and can trigger gluten intolerance symptoms if you are allergic to it. A study conducted at the George Washington University documented that; gluten intolerance may worsen by the gluten present in lip stick, makeup and many body products.

Healthday News reported that gluten is very harmful for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

Research conducted showed that many cosmetics do not completely list the ingredients involved in making that particular product. Also, they are not taking any extra efforts to make gluten free cosmetics.

Pia Prakash, a researcher, in a press release commented that these results are alarming as the customers can unknowingly keep buying gluten containing cosmetics and land in trouble having adverse reactions due to ingestion of gluten.

The research team looked into the data containing list of top 10 branded companies and found that amongst them only 2 had given detailed full length information about the ingredients that go into making of the cosmetic product.

Healthday recommends that people suffering from gluten intolerance should make use of cosmetics from smaller companies as they manufacture gluten free products.

However, this study is not yet published, but the results were presented at the Annual scientific meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology in Washington, D. C.

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