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Dr. Sujoya Sukul


Dr. Sujoya Sukul  Sujoya Sukul is a member of the Nutrition Society of India is a PhD in Foods and Nutrition with specialization on food safety.  She was awarded a University Scholarship on Foods and Nutrition and graduated with a Masters Degree. She achieved the highest rank in her graduation for which she was awarded the Gold Medal.  She also has hands on experience as a dietitian in one of the leading hospitals in India. She has taken guest lectures at her University for subjects related to her dissertation.

Sujoya is a very talented writer and an expert in her field. She has won several awards and is proud to say she won the first prize for poster preparation at the district level competition.  She has a penchant for writing on various subjects related to her studies and interests the foremost of which is food and nutrition. She has won laurels from her peers and seniors on the same.

As a freelance writer she has won appreciation from project managers for her writing skills and timely delivery.

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