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Diseases Linked to Gluten Intolerance 2


We all know that gluten intolerance is becoming an increasing problem among many people in North America and around the world. Initially Gluten Intolerance was merely viewed as an inconvenience that caused digestive issues and would prevent the absorption of essential nutrients during a regular diet. Recent findings, released by The New England Journal of Medicine has now listed 55 diseases that can be caused by consuming gluten.

Please review the following list:

Gluten is also linked to many psychiatric and neurological diseases, including:

Keep in mind, not every disease is caused by gluten intolerance but has been linked to many of these diseases.
Gluten intolerance was once thought to be confined to children who had diarrhea, weight loss and an overall failure to thrive. We now know that gluten intolerance does not discriminate and people who are young and old, over weight and slim male or female, or of any age and race may suffer from gluten sensitivity.

Gluten intolerance is actually and autoimmune disease that creates inflammation throughout many areas of the body that can effect all organ systems. Those affected systems include:

  • heart
  • brain
  • digestive tract
  • joints
  • and various others

Needless suffering and death for millions of people can be caused by the misdiagnoses of celiac disease or failure to identify gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. Health problems associated to gluten intolerance still has no cure but it can be eliminated by following a strict gluten free diet. It is important to first me diagnosed by a specialist or your family doctor and then only consume foods that are free of gluten.
By failing to identify gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease, we create needless suffering and death for millions of Americans. Health problems caused by gluten sensitivity cannot be treated with better medication. They can only be resolved by eliminating 100 percent of the gluten from your diet.

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    Can you provide a citation for the NEJM study? Considering that this is appears to be a site dedicated to demonizing gluten, some context to the damning statement that there are “55 diseases that can be caused by consuming gluten” is essential.

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